Starting from 1stMay 2018 (this week), all domains, SSL certificates, website hosting and subscriptions currently with Web’n’more will be migrated to Little Dog IT, which will be independently owned and run by Marne Jakins. All support regarding web hosting, emails, domain names can be directed to Billing for these accounts going forward will be received from Little Dog IT. 

Please note, there will be new bank details on these invoices and you will need to update these in your systems.  

Web’n’more will become solely owned by Sara Westaway and services will focus on Graphic Design, Printing, Website Management and Marketing. While Sara remains on maternity leave, enquiries can continue to be directed to, which will be responded to by Hughina Tindall in the interim.

Web’n’more and Little Dog IT will continue to complement each other’s services on various projects. 

Monday, April 30, 2018

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